New SPLICE Publication: Connected Smart Home over Matter Protocol

With the increasing use and popularity of smart-home devices, there is an increasing need for a robust ecosystem to support the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers. The current ecosystem is fragmented, presenting difficulties for inter-device communications from different vendors. Matter, a unifying standard for smart home devices, released the first version of its specification in late 2022, and Matter-compatible software updates for smart home devices are expected to be released this year.

In this paper, we successfully deploy a Matter protocol testbed using development kits and open-source software tools, libraries, and applications, as there are currently very few devices that support the Matter protocol. We also develop a network architecture that automates smart homes via different cloud services. The testbed and network architecture lay the foundation for exploring security and privacy issues, data collection and analysis, and data provenance in a smart home ecosystem built on the Matter protocol.

Check out the full paper here!

Zegeye, Wondimu, Ahamed Jemal, and Kevin Kornegay. “Connected Smart Home over Matter Protocol.” In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), 2023.

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