SPLICE Advisory Council

The SPLICE team is pleased to have an outstanding group of experts who constitute our Advisory Council. The Advisory Council’s role is to provide us guidance and feedback as we evolve our research agenda over the five-year period of the grant, so we can focus our work on the research horizon while remaining aware of the state of the art in the broader ecosystem.  They have also each agreed to help us in our efforts to Broaden Participation in Computing.

Maria Alvarez – General Manager of the Experimentation Platform and Business Services, AI Platform Group at Microsoft
Mathias Brossard – Principal Software Research Engineer at Arm Research
Chris Cramer – Chief Research Officer at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)
April Doss – Executive Director at the Institute for Technology Law and Policy at Georgetown University Law Center
Matt Ganis – Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM
Marco Gruteser – Research Scientist at Google
Mike Jackson – Director, Information Security and Privacy at Samsung SmartThings
Arun Mathias – Vice President, Wireless Software Technologies & Ecosystems at Apple
Kat Megas – Program Manager for the Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Christopher Nelson – Director, Alexa Secure AI Foundations Data Platform at Amazon
Anand Rajan – Senior Director, Emerging Security Lab @ Intel Labs
Maria Rerecich – Senior Director for Product Testing at Consumer Reports (CR)