Broadening Participation

The SPLICE team is committed to expanding the diversity of populations engaged in computing, and ensuring that SPLICE is an inclusive and equitable project. SPLICE has three overarching goals to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC):

  1. Create diverse learning communities and groups to engage and encourage understanding the implications of Smart Homes and computing more generally.
  2. Provide encouragement and opportunities for students from groups underrepresented in computing to participate in research experiences related to Smart Homes and Internet of Things.
  3. Create and support directed educational, training and professional activities to promote inclusion and development of diverse populations in computing.

We will engage in multiple activities throughout the 5-year scope of the project to accomplish specific, measurable outcomes related to our goals.

We will increase participation in STEM and IoT research and education through programs like the Engineering Explorations in STEM for Girls Program at Morgan State University, a two-week on-campus summer enrichment program for middle-school minority females. Members of the SPLICE team, including undergraduate and graduate students serving as mentors, will engage up to 40 girls each summer in hands-on research activities.

We will improve understanding of Smart Home technologies through community outreach. By working directly with community partners we will hold community discussions and educational workshops in places like senior centers to promote understanding of the benefits and privacy risks associated with Smart Homes.

We will improve the inclusiveness and equity of our SPLICE team through recruitment of diverse undergraduate and graduate students from under-represented groups, deep educational and research experiences for all students, and mentoring and professional development for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty.

SPLICE supports NSF’s efforts to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC).

MSU lab 1
Research students at work in the MSU CREAM lab.

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