SPLICE Paper on Engaging Students and Teachers in IoT Security Research

The Cybersecurity Assurance & Policy (CAP) Center at Morgan State University hosted two undergraduate engineering students and a high school STEM teacher to conduct IoT security research throughout summer ’21. The goal was for students to develop their team-building and leadership skills while working on an assigned research project and for the teacher to be able to design hands-on activities for high school junior- and senior-level engineering courses.

The students and teacher reviewed academic papers targeting IoT education, learned about Nucleo board components, were introduced to the Arm Pelion IoT Platform, practiced how to write a simple program, designed a conceptual diagram for the Smart Home ecosystem, explored components within the Smart Home, collected and visualized data, and wrote final reports.

Through their projects, the students and teacher developed a comprehensive understanding of networks and gained various engineering skills that can be applied to future projects and integrated into educational curricula.

To learn more, check out the paper below!

Toutsop, Otily, et al. An REU/RET Project: IoT Platform and Network Data Visualization. 2021, https://peer.asee.org/an-reu-ret-project-iot-platform-and-network-data-visualization.

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