Summer Research Positions

The SPLICE team at Dartmouth is looking for two undergraduate research students (of any class year, with preference to juniors) to join the team during the summer of 2021. If you are interested, you need to apply through the Leadership Alliance. The SPLICE team currently has three different research projects listed on the Leadership Alliance site; project descriptions are listed below.

*UPDATE: these positions will be virtual for summer ’21*

P1 – Building a Python Library for Signal Processing

Signal processing is a widely applicable field of study. It is used in speech and video processing, time-series analysis from sensor data from mobile phones, and seismic vibrations. In the SPLICE project we use such methods to examine the radio signals in Wi-Fi networks, allowing it to identify and locate Wi-Fi devices in a “smart home.” As an ASURE summer student, you have the opportunity to implement new algorithms and integrate some of the common techniques used in digital signal processing into a Python library intended for public release. This library will be of great use to ongoing research at Dartmouth and beyond.

P2 – Refining the Localization of Devices in the Home Setting

Integrating technology into everyday life requires that we shift some concepts from the physical world into cyberspace. The concepts of ‘home’ and ‘things within a home’ are ideas that are intuitive for us but difficult to translate to the digital domain. In the SPLICE project we are developing a system that would help a smart-home hub identify whether a wireless-network device is inside or outside a Home. As part of the ASURE program you would work with us in expanding our research to incorporate more devices or to refine the localization of existing devices in the network. 

P3 – Creating Hardware or Software to Support the Management of Smart Devices

It can be challenging to manage Smart Devices in a Home setting. In the SPLICE project, we are developing a prototype to help non-experts introduce, configure, adjust, and discard network-connected appliances, sensors, and actuators into their Home. The functionality of our prototype, called the SPLICEcube, is intended to grow over time and as part of the ASURE program you would contribute to the hardware or software design (or both!), aiming to refine or expand its functionality (for example, interacting with existing devices, authenticating a new device, defining user groups, developing privileges, and many more).

If you apply and are selected for one of these projects, you will become part of Dartmouth’s 2021 ASURE Summer Program cohort. In addition to providing valuable research experience, ASURE provides ethics seminars, GRE prep, lab training, and opportunities to present work/poster sessions. As part of the SPLICE team, you will have opportunities to engage with a research team of 10 professors, 4 postdocs, and 16 grad students, spanning 7 institutions, providing extended opportunities for learning and collaboration. 

We are looking for students with interests and some experience in computer science. For P1 – Building a Python Library for Signal Processing, we would prefer that the student has a stronger CS background (has worked with Python, has maybe created a Python library, and has some experience or interest in digital signal processing). P2 is more software focused, while P3 can be either hardware or software focused. In all, we would like to have students who are interested in learning more about the specific processes described in the projects, but who also might have broader interests in security and privacy of smart devices. We are especially interested in receiving applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Dartmouth College is an Ivy League university with graduate programs in the sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. It is located in the beautiful town of Hanover NH, about two hours northwest of Boston. Hanover is the #1 college town in America!